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The Wouldham casualties of both World Wars are named on the Lych Gate at Wouldham Church. A very well researched document made by the KentFallen website goes into detail about casualties from the village. To view this document, please visit

Joe Norris

Click on the photo above to enlarge. Photo kindly provided by Anne Martin.

Jesse Norris Jnr, also known as Joe, joined the Royal Navy as a cadet as soon as was old enough (although it is believed he may in fact have been younger). Norris served on HMS Urge, which was a British U class submarine. After suffering an injury that put his leg in plaster, Norris insisted that he would still continue his Navy duties and was slid feet first down the submarine hatch.

HMS Urge left Malta on the 27th April 1942. Due to arrive at Alexandria on the 6th May, HMS Urge did not show up and was reported missing. It turns out that on the 29th April, HMS Urge was sunk after being dive-bombed by a Italian Cr.42 biplane which has been escorting three German MFPs.

Joe Norris' name can be seen on the WW2 plaque on the Wouldham Church lychgate.


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