Bronze Age Man

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Click on the photo above to enlarge. Photo kindly provided by Roger Webb.

A skull and skeleton of a man from the Bronze Age was found in Wouldham in 1982.

It is thought that the man would have died in Wouldham in 1500BC.

An article from the local newspaper said:

Scientists have helped Rochester's Guildhall Museum put flesh on the bones of history with a new Bronze Age exhibit.

Experts at Manchester University's School of Biological Sciences have rebuilt the face of an 18-year-old man who died in 1500 BC.

The skull was among remains excavated from a burial mound at Wouldham in 1982.

It is now on display at the museum alongside its corresponding skeleton.

Dr Paul Hayes, pathologist at All Saints' Hospital, Chatham, and a keen archeologist, was at the dig when the skull was found.

He suggested to museum staff that the face could be reconstructed and enquiries were carried out.

Dr Hayes said: "The department at Manchester made a cast of the skull.

"They built on plasticine muscles and worked out the thickness of the overlying tissues and then reconstructed the whole face."


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